"At SPACE & PLACE we create ‘Architecture for Human Beings’, it’s our mantra, it’s why we do what we do. It’s not about us; it’s not about awards, but for S&P our mission is to make a difference through the way people use the sports and leisure spaces and places we build.

Every year the buildings we design are used over 100 million times by a variety of people.
That’s a lot of responsibility, but also lots of opportunity to gently influence; by creating environments that improve lives and promote re-thinking around community and economic benefit, sustainable energy and increase physical and mental wellbeing.

At this year’s Elevate event we will utilise our extensive knowledge to support you to promote sustainability in numerous ways. Bringing together this inspiring partnership with Elevate we will push the boundaries of sustainability within the sports, leisure, and architectural industry. S&P are an internationally renowned organisation who champion sustainability and ensure that we will bring this passion and drive to your Elevate event.

By measuring and monitoring Elevate’s procedures and actions we will support you to improve and achieve your sustainability goals. Alongside our creative team of industry experts Elevate will be uplifted to reach your full potential."

Elevate's sustainability commitments

  • Replacing the traditional printed event guide with app, provided by Innovatise, the company behind myFitApp
  • No longer providing lanyards or plastic badge covers (often just thrown away post event) and encourage will attendees to reuse ones they already have
  • Removing non-essential carpet used throughout the event - just doing this alone will save over 2500KG of CO2
  • Encouraging all attendees to bring their own water bottles to use the refill water stations within ExCeL London
  • Suggesting people arrive via public transport or car share options
  • Continuing to work with ExCeL to make sure food and beverage solutions within the hall as sustainable as possible
  • Working with exhibitors to encourage them to opt for a reusable stand - by providing details for cost effective stand builders who offer more sustainable solutions