Heather Douglas

Head of Policy & Impact

UK Coaching

At UK Coaching Heather leads on ensuring all people taking part in sport and physical activity access great coaching which meets their motivations regardless of where they are on the player pathway. She has spent over 20 years in Coaching Development. Former Coaching adviser to Sport England on many programmes including Active Sports and continues to work closely with Sport England delivering the outcomes of the Children’s Coaching Collaborative and strategically placing coaching at the heart of Uniting the Movement.

Passionate about the delivery of high quality coaching experiences through physical activity and sport, as a coach educator, manager and leader she has seen the impact great coaching can have first-hand as the mother of four boys.

More recently Heather leads on the Policy area for Duty of Care, working closely with the sector to ensure that the recommendations from the Duty of Care in Sport Report 2017 can also ensure that the 3 million coaches in the UK, from playground to podium, in Gyms, sports clubs and Leisure Centres are all equipped to look after their participants, and as importantly look after themselves.

Heather Douglas will be speaking at the following sessions.

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