Speedflex UK & Ireland Ltd

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Speedflex is the most inclusive workout in the world. Speedflex offers a completely personalised workout, enabling every participant to train at their own preferred intensity, in exactly the same session. This means that an elite athlete and an 80 year old individual can join the same class and both get the workout they need. This is a game changer for operators.

The Speedflex concept uses machines with a free motion bar which eliminates momentum. Unlike traditional resistance exercise machines it requires users to apply force in both directions, through an entire range of motion. Users must push the bar away, and then pull it back to the start position. The resistance changes based on how hard users move the bar, the faster it is moved the more resistance it applies. This means the users can work to their optimal level to complete the exercise, when they begin to slow down the machine gives less resistance.

The machine uses concentric only movements, and users are never resisting a weight, they are moving it. This means it is low impact and leaves users with no muscle soreness compared to a regular high intensity session. The workout is combined with MYZONE to provide members with heart rate data and feedback on their effort level. Participants are praised for their effort level, not their physical achievement. MYZONE introduces an optional element of friendly competition where all fitness levels can fairly compete against each other based on the effort they put in. It is an efficient, enjoyable session delivering a cardiovascular and resistance workout simultaneously.

For more information visit: www.speedflex.com

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