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Innerva is a British designer and manufacturer of power assisted exercise equipment with over 30 years of engineering knowledge and excellence. We supply exercise equipment to leisure, therapy and rehabilitation and care facilities around the world.

Our world leading power assisted exercise technology provides a ‘helping-hand’ in a low impact, full-body workout circuit for exercisers who demand to work smart and effectively.

Innerva’s power assisted exercise solution meets the previously unmet exercise needs of older adults and those with long term health conditions. It is also a great way to start exercising for those who have never exercised at all or who feel intimidated by a traditional gym environment. The outward facing design of the machines and the circuit model facilitate social interaction and Innerva suites create very welcoming and sociable environments, providing a positive and supportive atmosphere for all. It is safe for all as users do not need to provide the motive force to overcome inertia.

For exercisers, Innerva is:

• Fully inclusive exercise, providing both physical and mental health benefits

• Supports the five elements of healthy ageing – aerobic fitness, muscular strength, balance, flexibility and social wellbeing, supporting older to remain independent

• Intuitive, safe and effective

• A social lifeline in a fun, friendly environment

For leisure, health, care and retirement, Innerva provides:

• A new demographic visiting your leisure or health centre for exercise (and income benefits for those who provide a membership option)

• Safe and effective exercise opportunity for older adults within your community, that provides end users with real health benefits

• Leadership and shared knowledge for active ageing and LTCs

• Social inclusion and opportunities to get and keep older people active, reducing the impact of ageing and associated health conditions on social care and other health services

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