Poolview Limited

Stand Q70

Providers of Poolview Plus with Iris software the UK's most popular and effective Computer Vision Drowning Detection System.

As recognised industry experts we specialise in providing a "Blended Lifeguarding" technological solution for your swimming pool through the provision of our core product Poolview Plus™.

This is our Computer Vision System for the detection of immersion events in swimming pools which “reads” the images from underwater cameras and alerts when a swimmer is getting into difficulty.

Uniquely, Poolview Plus offers the lifeguard an interactive "real time view of their pool" on their eight image monitor and provides two levels of alerts to highlight possible developing incidents.

If the initial two levels of alert are not acknowledged then the computer steps in and automatically triggers the poolside alarm at reception.

Our system has been designed following extensive consultation with the UK's main Leisure Management companies and is designed specifically for the UK market.

The key benefits for Leisure Managers are increased safety, flexibility and an opportunity to increase efficiencies without compromising safety.

Poolview Plus provides Lifeguards a "game-changing" tool which will alter the way we manage our swimming pools during the next decade.

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