Susan Findlay


Susan’s first love is dance, sport, anything to do with the joy of movement. She trained as a nurse in Canada but soon left the profession when she came to the UK as she wanted a deeper connection with her clients. For many years she worked in both health and fitness, teaching 20+ classes a week and running GP referral schemes. She wanted to make better use of all her knowledge which led her to retrain as a Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist. Currently she is the director of NLSSM and specialises in teaching Oncology Massage. She is the author of Sports Massage: Hands on Guide for Therapists and is the Sports Massage feature writer for Massage World. She volunteers her time as a board member of GCMT, and a PSB member of CNHC. Most importantly she still has a clinic in North London and keeps current with new skills. Join her on Massage Mondays for free weekly massage videos
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