Bookteq, by Playfinder

Stand M65

Playfinder, powering Bookteq, works with sports venue operators to help them become more accessible online by providing an intuitive SaaS booking system and the UK’s biggest sports booking marketplace.

Since 2014 Playfinder has helped over 3.8 million people keep active by making it easier than ever to find and book sports facilities online. During the pandemic Playfinder has gone from strength to strength, supporting operators as they reopen and establishing itself as the go-to place for sports players to find somewhere to play.

Playfinder’s belief in “accessibility for all” is at the heart of their offering. With just 7% of venue operators believing they have a suitable digital strategy in place to facilitate this, Playfinder is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge booking technology designed to support the growing needs of venues looking for smarter, contact-free, digital solutions post-lockdown.

With that in mind Playfinder launched Bookteq, their B2B booking software, designed to help schools, councils, sports clubs and leisure operators digitise their booking system and make their facilities more accessible. Over the past 12-months Playfinder has grown the number of subscribers to Bookteq by 134%, with the total number of Playfinder venues exceeding 600.

Playfinder and Bookteq’s impact has been felt across the sector, working with leisure operators such as GLL and Powerleague to fill spare capacity; enabling councils such as Ealing, Waltham Forest and Bedford to reach more of their local community; helping the likes of Padel4all grow padel tennis; and shining a light on hundreds of schools, sports clubs and community centres across the UK.

They have been proven to make sport more accessible to people from more disadvantaged backgrounds, lowering IMD scores by 24%, and have increased utilisation of facilities by over 50%.

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