Sally Gunnell OBE

Legendary British track and field star Sally Gunnell OBE is the new brand ambassador for leading healthcare company Lorisian.

Sally is one of Britain’s most popular sportswomen and remains the only female athlete ever to hold four major track titles concurrently – Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth.

She has this month teamed up with food intolerance testing experts Lorisian, and the company’s business to business brand Lorisian, to empower people to take control of their health and believe in their abilities.

Sally said: “My message to people is always how important fuelling your body correctly is and the effects it can have on both your body and mental state.

About Lorisian

Lorisian have more than 35 years’ worth of experience in diagnostic testing and are chosen by 50% of the UK food intolerance testing market.

Lorisian has been named Food Intolerance Testing Company of the Year for 2018 in the UK Enterprise Awards.

At Lorisian, the customer’s journey of their food intolerance test starts and ends in one place - everything from placing an order, dispatching a kit to analysing IgG reactions to up to 208 food and drink ingredients is carried out in the company’s ISO-standard laboratory.

The results of the Lorisian 2017 customer survey revealed that four out of five customers saw improvements in their health after following a Lorisian programme. Out of those who saw improvements, 89% did so within a month and 69% did so within just two weeks.

Sally Gunnell OBE
Sally Gunnell OBE
Olympic and World Champion