Julie Creffield

Short Biography

Julie Creffield is a plus size athlete, author and entrepreneur from Stratford, East London who is on a mission to get 1 million overweight and inactive women running.

In 2005 she joked that if London were awarded the Olympic Games she would run the Marathon in 2012, of course it was and she kept her word despite at the time being a size 22 and unable to run for even 30 seconds.

Since then she has competed in hundreds of races, including 3 further marathons and Tough Mudder billed as the toughest obstacle course on the planet.

Through her blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running she inspires thousands of women from all over the world via her Too Fat to Run campaign which challenges perceptions about health for larger ladies, moving the conversation away from its focus on weight loss and instead towards activity and wellbeing.

Current Projects

  • Julie leads a virtual 5K called #OneBigFatRun which happens on the last Sunday of every month with thousands of participants across the globe. She hopes to turn this into an actual event series in the UK, where plus sized runners can come and take part in a 5K without the pressure of coming last or having to run the whole way whilst sharing their experiences via social media
  • Julie took part in Richard Bransons Voom competition where she was selected out of 6000 businesses, into a shortlist of just 40.

Past Projects

  • Julie worked with ITV’s This Morning Show on a feature called Run for your life, which saw Julie coach 3 ladies who had never run before in preparation for their first 5K
  • Julie has been an ambassador for Race for Life, supporting women training for the UKs first women only marathon and half marathon which takes place in October.
  • Julie worked as a consultant with England Athletics helping to improve the offer for female runners via the #ThisGirlCan campaign


  • Winner of the 2015 & 2016 Running Awards best blog
  • Shortlisted for a Women in Sport “Encouraging Participation” 2015 award
  • Nominated for a Cosmo 2014 woman of the year award
  • Shortlisted for a UK Blogging Award 2014 in the “Health & Fitness” category
Julie Creffield
Julie Creffield
Too Fat to Run