Dr Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams currently practices as an NHS GP in London. Her portfolio GP career means that she has multiple roles, including Public Health England Lead Clinical champion for Physical Activity, RCGP clinical champion - Physical Activity and lifestyle, and CCG clinical associate - Obesity and Lifestyle. She is also a Director of The British Society of Lifestyle medicine.

Zoe’s ambition has always been to combine her dedication to medicine, her passions for health and fitness as well as succeed in a career in media.She had her first taste of this when selected out of thousands for Sky 1’s Gladiators and became the undefeated ‘Amazon.’ Zoe went on to become resident doctor on ITV’s popular daytime show ‘This Morning’. She has presented across BBC network, including BBC News broadcast, ‘Horizons’ and ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’.She specializes in debunking the confusing world of medicine, in a fun and entertaining way.

In 2009 she founded the organisation ‘Sportsgirls’, a non-profit organisation which aims to increase the physical activity of teen girls by inspiring, educating and motivating them to be healthier and more active. In 2013 workshops were also developed for boys and the organisation was renamed 'Fit4Life'. By working in partnership with specialist community based organisations who share our aims, we help young people gain that essential initial start in life by improving their health, wellbeing and boosting their life aspirations, to help them be the best they can be.

Dr Zoe Williams
Dr Zoe Williams
RCGP Clinical Champion Physical Activity and Public Health England Physical Activity Champion

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