Dr Rob Andrews

Rob Andrews is an Associate Professor at the University of Exeter. an Honorary Consultant Physician at Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton and Chair of the Diabetes UK Clinical Studies group 3: Prevention, Targets and Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes.

At the University Rob concentrates on conducting clinical trials to determine how best to help people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes to improve their diets, increase their activity levels and to lose weight. Ongoing studies include; EXTOD education a study that aims to develop and pilot an education programme for people with Type 1 diabetes (with accompanying training for health care professionals to deliver this programme) to guide insulin and carbohydrate adjustment for safe exercise; Type 1 HIT a study that aims to determine whether High intensity interval training is an efficient and effective form of exercise for people with Type 1 diabetes; EXTOD 101 a study that aims to determine the “real world” risks and benefits of exercise in adults with type 1 diabetes who are training for and running a Half Marathon and ByBandSleeve the largest bariatric surgical RCT in the world which aims to determine the best operation for treating patients with morbid obesity.

At Musgrove park hospital he is the Clinical lead for one of the largest multidisciplinary weight management services in the country. He also does regular Diabetes and obesity clinics and runs specialist adult, adolescent and paediatric sports clinics to give advice to sports men, women and children who have Type 1 diabetes.
Dr Rob Andrews
Dr Rob Andrews
Associate Professor of Diabetes and Honorary consultant
University of Exeter

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