Dr Marlize De Vivo

Dr Marlize De Vivo is a qualified Biokineticist (HPCSA registered) and Sports Rehabilitator and Trainer (BASRaT registered). During her PhD she delivered a multiphase research project with the aim of understanding and predicting the physical activity behaviour of pregnant women.

In her present role as Senior Research Fellow at Canterbury Christ Church University, she is involved in various projects related to the promotion and support of an active motherhood. She is also co-director of the Perinatal Physical Activity Research Group which designs, conducts and communicates research focusing on physical activity during

During the last three years Marlize has been involved in updating the Exercise Works! Movement for Movement undergraduate teaching resources relating to pregnancy and physical activity. Recently, she contributed to the development of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) Professional Standard in working with Antenatal and Postnatal clients. A significant amount of Marlize’s time is dedicated to the delivery of the This Mum Moves project - This Mum Moves is a national initiative that aims to support pregnant women and new mothers to stay active by providing healthcare professionals with access to training and resources to facilitate the delivery of clear, consistent, and confident messages regarding physical activity engagement. Marlize is also a member of the Expert Working Group (EWG) for the development of the Chief Medical Officers’ (CMO) postpartum physical activity guidelines, the first national guidelines of this kind. Recently, she has also been appointed to the CMO’s Physical Activity Guidelines Expert Committee for Communications as Specialist Committee Member.

Outside of her academic role, Marlize is also director and co-founder of the Active Pregnancy Foundation – a charity which aims to remove traditional barriers and social stigmas, ensuring there is easily accessible provision in expertise, information and support for women who choose to be active throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

Marlize’s interest in this area started with her own pregnancy.She is now a proud mum of two and hopes that her work will contribute towards the normalisation of active pregnancies in the wider society.

Dr Marlize De Vivo
Dr Marlize De Vivo
Senior Research Fellow
Canterbury Christ Church University