Cheyne Voss

Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Cheyne graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2004 and spent the next 5½ years practicing in the private musculoskeletal sector in New Zealand.

In 2008 he completed his post-graduate examinations to become a Credentialed Therapist in the McKenzie Method, a highly regarded and scientifically established spinal assessment and treatment technique. (There are currently only 5 other McKenzie Credentialed Therapists listed in the Greater London area.)

He moved to London in 2010 and was a founding member of TenPhysio, helping build a team of some of the best Physiotherapists and Sports Massage Therapists in the country, (and, along the way, developing extensive contacts with London’s leading Orthopaedic Surgeons and Sports Physicians).

Cheyne has extensive experience treating all musculoskeletal disorders but has a particular interest in the management of lower back and neck pain including complex nerve root compressions (referred pain/sciatica/brachalgia) and sports injury management. He is vocal about the adverse impact that modern technology and today’s sedentary lifestyles are having on our bodies.

Always targeting the cause of a patient’s problems, Cheyne focuses not only on easing the pain, but also on addressing the root cause, to ensure that neither the dysfunction or the pain returns.

He is very diagnostic in his approach, using a combination of hands-on manual therapy techniques and specific targeted exercises that the patient can do at home to reduce pressure on the area and/or strengthen the underlying weakness. He is always striving to get each patient pain-free and back to full fitness as fast as possible.

Cheyne has treated some of New Zealand and England’s top athletes, actors, actresses and models (including several professional and international sportsmen and women, household names and Hollywood stars).

With his expert knowledge and experience of pre and post op conditions, coupled with the links he has with the Orthopaedic world, he is not only able to look after a patient’s Physiotherapy management, but is also able to offer advice on the need for, and timescales/likely outcomes, of further procedures, including injections and surgical options.

Cheyne was initially attracted to Physiotherapy by a passion for sport and human performance, and a highly competitive, but injury-prone sporting performance that gave him a very early insight into pain and injury (he has first-hand experience of everything from small strains, sprains and bruises to tendonitis, ruptured tendons and torn cartilage).

Cheyne has tried almost every sport going – his current passions include running, cycling, triathlon, golf, cricket and tennis. As a result, he is in an excellent position to understand the forces and demands placed on the body under almost all conditions, as well as the pressures – and importance – of recovering to full fitness as soon as possible.

Cheyne has written a number of Physiotherapy related articles, has been quoted in various publications, and is a spokesman for the CSP (governing body of Physio in the UK).

Cheyne Voss
Cheyne Voss
Physio Director
Ten Health & Fitness