Anand Amlani

Anand is a marketing specialist with 20 years’ experience in designing innovative and successful communications programmes. Since joining the public sector he has focussed on tackling some of the most challenging behaviours across society. This includes running the adult physical activity campaign (Active 10), the stop-smoking ‘harms’ and Stoptober campaigns, sexual health, the pioneering youth focussed Rise Above programme and the development of the Child Maintenance Options service amongst others.

Prior to working on social marketing issues, Anand spent 10 years in the private sector, working in the publishing and financial service sectors on a variety of projects such as brand awareness, digital innovation, sponsorship and acquisition programmes and has extensive experience of engaging consumer and B2B audiences.

His work has won several industry awards including a Gold IPA Effectiveness Award.

Anand Amlani
Anand Amlani
Head of Marketing - Live Well
Public Health England

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