Deep Oscillation® - A game changer in injury rehabilitation

Wednesday 8th May 11:00 - 11:45

Internationally patented, electrostatic Deep Oscillation therapy results in a unique, deeply penetrating and long-lasting resonant vibration of treated tissue layers to an 8 cm depth (Hernandez et al, 2010). With only minimal pressure required to achieve highly positive treatment outcomes, stress is reduced on the therapists ‘vinyl-gloved hands' and rehabilitation times accelerated, enabling an earlier return to weight bearing exercises and a quicker return to play or normal activities.

Deep Oscillation, which is now utilised in 83 countries in various fields of application, exerts an important influence on the microcirculation of the interstitial connective tissue; improving functions of storage, supply, the transport of nutrients and the removal of toxins. Re-establishment of mobility and mobilisation between the different fibres and layers is enabled due to the creation and improvement of lymphatic drainage and feeding channels in the tissue; sticky fascias and hardened tissues are dissolved, pain is reduced with improved ROM. Chris Boynes presents the theory, the research and practical application, backed up with case studies and videos of his successful five years of use.


Chris Boynes, Physiotherapist at Chris Boynes Physiotherapy