Prehabilitation – preventing injuries before they happen

Wednesday 8th May 16:50 - 17:20

Following the government’s recent health strategy “Prevention is better than cure” awareness around the impact and cost of avoidable injury and pain and support for preventative approaches is growing. This preventative drive builds the case for prehabilitation/preventative rehabilitation. Prehabilitation is all about identifying a susceptibility to injury – related to weakness, imbalance or other factors - and preventing problems before they happen. Whether you are a weekend warrior wanting to stay match ready, preparing for surgery and looking to maximise the outcomes or you are returning to activity and want to minimise a repeat injury – prehabilitation has a role to play in keeping you ready for action. This timely session will explore the benefits and challenges associated with prehabilitation, how to identify vulnerability and risk areas, design and implement programmes and review the outcomes.


Cheyne Voss, Physio Director at Ten Health & Fitness