Prehabilitation for those with cancer: the role of physical activity

Thursday 18th June 12:50 - 13:30

‘Prehabilitation’ and active recovery pathways in cancer are being increasingly recognised by cancer patients, healthcare and fitness providers.

Prehabilitation supports people before and after cancer treatments to have increased physical activity and fitness - promoting healthy behaviours and prescribes exercise based on a person’s needs, to help optimise their health and wellbeing, and maximise their resilience to treatment throughout the cancer journey.

This session will explore the science and research behind the principles of prehabilitation and will explore the implementation, at scale, of Prehab4Cancer across Greater Manchester, who have worked with over 2,000 patients to improve patient outcomes. It will explore the co-delivery of effective local and tailored prehabilitation, from a clinical and fitness perspective.

The science and theory behind the principles of prehabilitation


Liam Humphries, Research Fellow at Centre for Sport and Exercise Science, Sheffield Hallam University

Translating the research into practice: Prehab4Cancer Greater Manchester


Zoe Merchant, Specialist Occupational Therapist, Programme Lead -GM Prehab4Cancer and Recovery Programme at Greater Manchester Cancer

Kirsty Rowlinson-Groves, Programme Manager at Prehab4Cancer