Maximising recovery and return to sport from hamstring injury

Thursday 9th May 12:20 - 13:10

Hamstring injuries (HSI) are a major problem in sports such as football, and can cause the greatest loss of time from sport. HSI can recur in up to 25% of cases with athletes. And despite much attention and research –In professional football the incidence of HSI is increasing at a rate of 4% a year (over the last decade) – potentially due to increased running and match play demands on players.

Hamstrings have a complex anatomy and function – with the main risk factors for injury include age, previous injury, strength and flexibility. Warm up and training load may also be factors, including the amount of high intensity running.

This session will examine diagnosis, treatment strategies, advice for return to play – to minimise the risk of re-injury – with first hand experiences from those working with athletes.

HS Injury and risk factors


Dr Bruce Paton, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Musculoskeletal Extended Scope Practitioner and Clinical Lecturer at UCLH and Institute of Sport Exercise & Health, UCL

Pre-field rehab


Nick Court, First Team Physiotherapist at AFC Bournemouth

Infield rehab - running and sprinting


Dominic Rogan, Head Physiotherapist at West Ham United FC