From career changing injury to podium

Thursday 9th May 10:00 - 10:50

This session will follow the journey of two women, both elite athletes. The first suffered a career ending injury and battled over a two year period to achieve an Olympic Silver medal in London 2012 and World Gold in 2013. The second, suffered a near fatal crash and was minutes away from dying, she was in intensive care for over 2 months. She too battled over two years making it back to podium performance funding for the Olympics. The session will go into detail on how physio, medicine, strength & conditioning, physiology, nutrition and psychology all played a key part in both women’s rejuvenation.


James Moore, Former Head of Performance, Team GB at and Director, Sport & Exercise Medicine Centre for Health & Human Performance

Fionn MacPartlin, Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach, Intensive Rehabilitation Unit at British Olympic Association