Understanding the implications of concussion

Wednesday 8th May 15:45 - 16:35

The breadth of research into concussion and player welfare reflects the current concerns around head injuries in professional sport, highlighting the need to promote safety and awareness. This session will explore the latest research examining the long-term and short term implications of concussion examining what concussion means for brain fatigue, function and health, the need for early and accurate diagnosis, necessary precautions to minimise concussion, identification of concussion and how to aid recovery, post diagnosis concerns, and how to assess return to play decisions.

Understanding the long term implications of concussion for athletes


Dr James Thing, Consultant Sport and Exercise Physician at International Concussion and Head Injury Research Foundation, UCL

Identifying and managing concussion in sport


Professor Antonio Belli, Professor of Trauma Neurosurgeon at University of Birmingham

“We are our brains” – managing concussion in a collision sport


Dr Simon Kemp, Medical Services Director at Rugby Football Union