Optimising respiratory tract health in athletes

Wednesday 8th May 13:25 - 14:05

Respiratory illness is the most common health issue in athletes. In the two-year period to July 20 2017, there were 630 respiratory illnesses recorded in 402 athletes, with an average of nine days of restricted training per occurrence, totalling around 5,800 days or nearly 16 years of training days impacted – with 30% of affected athletes having repeat occurrences within a 2 year period. As such there is a great deal of work and research underway to explore how the impact of respiratory illness on athlete’s training and competition availability can be reduced. By working with a large cohort of athletes who are susceptible to respiratory illness, research will seek to optimise health and explore the wider public health applications. This session will share research around prevention and management, and the detection and diagnosis of respiratory tract illness.


Dr Mike Loosemore MBE, Consultant Sport and Exercise Medicine at English Institute of Sport