Maximising performance environments – helping athletes to thrive

Wednesday 8th May 16:55 - 17:30

The aim of performance psychology is to help athletes prepare for the demands of training and competition – working to achieve a positive healthy mindset. The EIS have created a new psychology framework that seeks to develop the ‘person’ as well as the ‘performer’. By facilitating the creation of psychologically informed environments through specific interventions, behaviours and cultures, athletes are presented with the best opportunity to thrive and succeed. This is fully aligned to the EIS’ Performance Lifestyle person first approach. The performance lifestyle team provide a proactive service to help elite athletes engage in life planning and career development, create and develop broader identities beyond their sport, and manage their transition to, through, and from the World Class Programme. Exploring the desire to nurture a positive mental health environment across the Olympic and Paralympic sport system – this session will explore the latest approaches to performance psychology and Performance Lifestyle presented by those leading the disciplines in high performance sport.

Project THRIVE - how to develop the person and the performer

Dr Kate Hays, Head of Performance Psychology at English Institute of Sport

The EIS Performance Lifestyle Strategy – how to create and nurture a culture that delivers performance and responsibly cares for its people

Joanna Harrison, Head of Performance Lifestyle at English Institute of Sport