Performance: maximising potential

Sponsored by MatrixSponsored by Matrix and supported by British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS)

When you hear the word ‘performance’, the natural reaction is to think of elite athletes – but every single one of us can benefit from enhanced performance, both in our amateur sporting endeavours and our everyday lives.

Because performance doesn’t just mean intense training designed to shave milliseconds off a sprint time, or to boost endurance so you stay at the peak of your game throughout the entire 80 minutes of a rugby match. Of course that’s part of it – but it’s also about reducing stress, helping people stay focused at work, fuelling day-to-day life through informed nutrition.

Supported by British Universities & Colleges Sport

In these seminars, we cover the full range of performance, from the role of psychology and nutrition among elite athletes, through new innovations in personalised programming for maximum results, to the vital importance of sleep, meditation, nutrition and recovery in optimising everyone’s performance in their day-to-day lives.

Who should attend?

Those delivering physical activity in the community; local authorities; leisure operators (private and public); leisure trusts; gyms; hoteliers; spa and health clubs; outdoor activity providers; employers; community groups; sports clubs; Local Enterprise Groups; NGOs and third sector organisations; sports and exercise doctors; nurse practitioners; social care professionals; performance professionals responsible for analysis; psychology; biomechanics; skills education and training; strength and conditioning; sports medicine and treatment, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and recovery.