MSKReform Roadshow

MSKReform is the grass-roots MSK think-tank with a plan to reform MSK practice in the UK. In October 2019 we launched the 'Manifesto for Reform' which detailed an analysis of the current state of MSK care and proposed 41 policies across five chapters to raise quality standards.

Since the launch MSKR members have voted to select their 15 policy priorities and are currently forming action groups to ensure that as many of positive reforms as possible are enacted. The MSKReform think-tank spawned from #TheBigRs movement which was best known for innovative events that changed the conversation around MSK policy. As a result, we are keen to continue this legacy with a series of five roadshow events which will showcase MSKR's policies and debate the need and speed of UK healthcare reform.

Exploring MSK Evidence - The MSKR Roadshow - London - Event 2/5

Event Two is at Excel London as part of Elevate and is hosted by a set of MSKR's London based members. Expect lively discussion as we 'Explore MSK Evidence' with local therapists, medics, students and patients.

Full programme coming soon