Prescribing movement for MSK pain

Thursday 9th May 09:50 - 10:30

There is a strong evidence base supporting the use of physical activity in the treatment of MSK pain in relation to osteoarthritis, back and neck pain and chronic musculoskeletal pain. By encouraging the right types and frequency of physical activity, patients can gain stronger muscles and joint support - leading to better function, reduced pain and stiffness and an improved quality of life. This session will explore the process for stakeholder engagement for the production, evidence review and collaborative development and dissemination of Moving Medicine resources – with in case studies exploring physical activity in practice with those suffering from MSK pain.

Understanding the evidence: exploring the benefits of physical activity for MSK pain


Dr James Baldock, Sport and Exercise Medicine Registrar at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

In practice case study: optimising pain rehabilitation


Leila Heelas, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, OPTIMISE - Pain Rehabilitation Unit at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

The ‘Escape Pain’ programme: self management for arthritic pain using exercise


Professor Mike Hurley, Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences/Clinical Director, MSK programme at St George’s University of London and Kingston University/Health Innovation Network