Prescribing movement for falls and frailty

Wednesday 8th May 16:50 - 17:30

Frailty and susceptibility to falls affects an individual’s belief and behaviours towards physical activity, yet the evidence is strong – an active lifestyle are abundant improves strength, functional movement, balance and aerobic fitness. The benefits range from reduced falls and falls related injuries, reduced the severity and progression of frailty, increases the pace of walking, improves the ability to perform daily routine activities. And everything done to prevent or delay the onset of frailty will also assist with the onset of dementia. This session will review the latest evidence and explore practical examples of the use of physical activity for the treatment and prevention of falls and frailty.

Understanding the evidence: exploring the benefits of physical activity for treatment and prevention of falls and frailty


Dr Phil Clelland, Registrar in Sports & Exercise Medicine at NHS and English Institute of Sport

Generation Games. Supporting HCP training and linking community falls prevention in the community to secondary care systems


Sarah Wheatley, Exercise Specialist, Long Term Conditions at Age UK Oxfordshire