What Does The Evidence Tell us About the Patellofemoral joint? What does Experience Tell us About the Evidence?

Wednesday 17th June 09:55 - 10:35

Claire will tap into her experience as a researcher in Patellofemoral pain, (PFP) but very much also a clinician who has solely worked in Patellofemoral Pain for the last 12 years. The plethora of biomechanical literature is challenged here relative to how Claire sees the importance of the biomedical versus psychosocial aspects of care in PFP. The emerging psychosocial literature is examined and Claire presents how this can be blended in clinical practice with the more traditional biomechanical approaches to PFP. Claire presents her own research with respect to crepitus but always with an eye on clinical relevance. The talk aims to be thought provoking, but most importantly immediately applicable to the everyday clinical scenario.


Claire Robertson, Consultant Physiotherapist at Wimbledon Clinics and Founder, Claire Patella