Are we selling physical activity all wrong?

Thursday 10th May - 15:10-15:50

The physical activity sector is constantly innovating, yet in spite of all its efforts to get ‘more people, more active, more often’, participation rates remain relatively static.

So what is it doing wrong, and where do the opportunities lie to increase participation not in small increments, but in quantum leaps?

In this seminar, we will probe the status quo and ask what we might do differently. Are we setting the right sort of goals and expectations among the public? Are we focusing on the benefits and outcomes that will resonate with and retain the mass market over the long term? Are we even talking about physical activity in the right way to hook people in the first place?

Kate Cracknell, Programme Director at Elevate

Day 2: 15:10-15:50 Elevate Conference

Kate Cracknell is programme director for Elevate and the former editor, now editor-at-large, of Health Club Management magazine. She has been reporting on the health and fitness industry for over a decade and now works as a freelance journalist, copywriter and consultant specialising in the global fitness sector. Follow her on Twitter @healthclubkate

Panellists include:

Eddie May, Founder at Overdog Marketing

Nick Pearson, Chief Executive at Parkrun

Kate Dale, Strategic Lead - Campaigns at Sport England

Peter Fitzboydon, Managing Director at Parkwood Leisure