Here’s how you really make money from personal training

Thursday 10th May - 10:40-11:20

Done well, personal training can be a valuable revenue stream for health clubs, not to mention a great way to engage members and help them achieve the sort of results that will lead to their continued membership.

However, across the sector, the performance of operators when it comes to personal training is as varied as the models available to offer it; few seem to have really cracked PT, turning it into the big revenue generator we logically know it can be.

In this session – benefiting from first-hand experience from our panel of industry experts – we investigate the ways in which personal trainers can help retain members, and look at why and how personal training can increase club revenues. We explore what customers really want from personal trainers, and look at strategies to get more members to sign up for their services.

Paul Swainson, Head of Personal Training at Future Fit

Day 2: 10:40-11:20 Business

Paul brings over 15 years’ experience to his role at Future Fit, as a personal trainer, PT manager, consultant and educator. He has created a successful PT business as well as working for some of the leading brands in the fitness industry.

Paul is also a writer and presenter and uses these platforms to advocate Future Fit’s campaign to #RaisetheBar – improving training standards across the industry to provide the next generation of fitness professionals with the skills they need for a successful career.

Re-thinking PT to deliver real returns

Dipanda Vilhena, Group Head of Personal Training at Fitness Hut

How PTs and operators can maximise PT revenue

Paul Swainson, Head of Personal Training at Future Fit