Keynote: How a National Activity Therapy Service could resolve the social care crisis

Thursday 10th May - 09:45-10:15

The epidemics of the 21st century are environmental as well as behavioural in origin: the car, the desk job and the screen have created an unfit, inactive population – and this in turn has led to a greater risk of disability, frailty and dependency as we age.

Exercise is the miracle cure, with good evidence that the trajectory of decline can be changed at any age: taking part in any amount of physical activity, at any stage in life, can have a powerful, positive impact on an individual’s health.

However, among older people in particular, it’s absolutely key to maintaining a healthy, independent life for longer, and is crucial in preventing the onset of many lifestyle- and age-related long-term health conditions – disability, dementia and dependency among them.

The crisis in social care needs to look towards preventability. The evidence is there. But how can activity therapy be delivered at scale, and what impact will it have? How can GPs and healthcare professionals encourage people to be more active? Should activity be prescribed instead of drug therapy?

In this keynote session, eminent public health expert Sir Muir Gray will outline his intentions for a National Activity Therapy Service.

Sir Muir Gray CBE, Public Health Expert and Director at Better Value Healthcare