Why public pools should be made available for aquatic activity

Wednesday 9th May - 16:35-17:15

Our sector is always talking about the need to reach new markets, supporting those with disabilities and long-term health conditions, for example. So why aren’t we yet embracing the huge opportunity to do so that’s presented by the UK’s public pools?

In this session, we explore the value of opening up the UK’s 4,000 public pools for aquatic activity and rehabilitation.

For the individual, such sessions provide multiple benefits, from pain relief to the ability to return to work or walk to the local shops again. For operators, it broadens the appeal of their facilities to a whole new audience.

This session will explore the evidence supporting the provision of aquatic activity in public pools, as well as outlining the resources and equipment needed to support these new services for our least active populations.

We will also take a look at an innovative AI (artificial intelligence) tool that could enable operators to cost-effectively grow and scale their rehabilitation offering. This tool provides participants with personalised exercise programmes, recommending the safest, most suitable exercises for each individual without the need for a healthcare professional – all for the cost of a public swim.

Benjamin Wilkins, Co-Founder and Clinical Director at Good Boost (formerly, Fluid Motion)

Day 1: 16:35-17:15 Business

Ben Wilkins is the co-founder of Good Boost. Three years ago he set up Fluid Motion (now rebranded as Good Boost) with a group of health care graduates to find a solution to low-cost and locally accessible aquatic exercise and rehabilitation. Ben is a Registered Osteopath and post-grad at Oxford University in Musculoskeletal Science. Ben is also the Head of Development at Oomph! Wellness, a national social enterprise providing health and wellbeing services for older adults in addition to co-founding the Care Innovation Challenge, an accelerator for solutions in the Care Sector.

Understanding the evidence and research supporting the benefits of aquatic activity in public pools

Benjamin Wilkins, Co-Founder and Clinical Director at Good Boost (formerly, Fluid Motion)

Should public pools be made available for aquatic activity?

Cecilia de Villiers, Senior Aquatic Physiotherapist and Editor of Aqualines at The ATACP Journal

Resourcing and equipping aquatic initiatives

Elaine McNish, Head of Health and Wellbeing at Swim England