Behaviour change techniques to tackle inactivity

Wednesday 9th May - 15:30-16:10

There may be a growing awareness of the benefits of regular physical activity – both for physical and mental health – but large sections of the population are still failing to meet the recommended levels of activity. In fact, they’re leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

People know they should be active, but they fail to turn this knowledge into action.

This session will examine the contribution of behaviour change models and techniques to increasing levels of physical activity among the least active, as well as offering best practice tools that allow non-behaviour change experts to work with people at this psychological level.

Dr Tim Anstiss, Medical Director at The Academy for Health Coaching

Day 1: 15:30-16:10 Active Nation

Tim is a medical doctor specialising in behaviour change and wellbeing improvement. He has worked with a wide range of organisations and projects helping teams get better at behaviour change coaching for physical activity and exercise, including Governments, NHS Trusts, Health and Fitness Organisation and Health Charities. Tim and his colleagues at the Academy for Health Coaching are current working with several organisations to help them go beyond training into implementation, and will be launching an approved 8 week online course ’Behaviour Change Coaching for Physical Activity, Exercise and Sport’ shortly. A former international pole vaulter and decathlete, Tim is medical adviser to the Rugby Players Association and is a former contender on ITV’s Gladiators.

How behaviour change can tackle inactivity: understanding the evidence

Dr Tim Anstiss, Medical Director at The Academy for Health Coaching

How to put behaviour change techniques into practice

Hannah Bowden, Programme Director, Behaviour Change at Better Points