Nutrition: Guidance for fitness industry

Wednesday 9th May - 14:40-15:10

When it comes to our health and physical performance, nutrition is as important as exercise. But with so many diet fads and trends out there – ideas and suggestions that change all the time – consumers are left feeling totally confused about what constitutes good nutrition.

This is where fitness professionals need to step in with robust advice, encouraging clients to follow evidence-based healthy eating guidelines. But what’s the best way to go about this? What are the boundaries, and what’s the right level and type of nutritional advice to be giving? When is it appropriate to refer clients on, and to whom?

This session will advise fitness professionals on how to give clear, grounded nutritional advice when working with clients.

Dr Glenys Jones, Communications Manager & Project Research Lead at Association for Nutrition

Day 1: 14:40-15:10 Performance

Glenys is a Registered Nutritionist with a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition, an MSc in Sports & Exercise Science (Physiology) and a PhD in Nutrition, Health & Performance.

Glenys has worked as a Nutritionist specialising in nutrition and health communications at the Medical Research Council's Human Nutrition Research unit in Cambridge, where she was responsible for public engagement, knowledge transfer activities and also undertook a substantial amount of work with the media, covering online, print and broadcast activities, as well as in policy development and public health. Glenys' work within the NHS, research, at the MRC and in a freelance capacity has cemented her strong passion for nutrition communications and education. She is also actively involved with the Need for Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme (NNEdPro) who aim to improve health through improved nutrition education for all healthcare professionals and is a strong advocate for the responsible reporting of science in the media.

Glenys joined the AfN team in January 2015 and has responsibility for AfN communications. As a Registered Nutritionist herself, she is extremely passionate about the professionalism of the nutrition field, and strives to increase wider awareness of Registrants extremely high standards of knowledge, understanding and competence in the field of nutrition science. Glenys was also the Research and Engagement Lead on the project AfN undertook, supported by Public Health England, to develop nutrition competencies at L1-4 for those in fitness, leisure and catering.

Dr Glenys Jones, Communications Manager & Project Research Lead at Association for Nutrition

Claire Baseley, Registered Nutritionist at CLB Nutrition Ltd

Penny Hunking, RD, R.SEN and RNutr