Monitoring and motivation – can tracking your health improve adherence to lifestyle changes?

Wednesday 9th May - 14:35-15:05

The trend for tracking everything from steps to sleep is everywhere and increasingly is taken further to include blood biomarkers. Blood testing to monitor lifestyle and fitness is a new and fast-growing market with growing numbers of people looking to take regular blood tests to gain extra insights into their health. This is not just about a set of results at a single point in time, or about diagnosing or monitoring a condition; this is about people taking control of their health and tracking how the changes they make in their lifestyles can impact their inner health.

For the last 2 years Medichecks has been capturing data from the questions we ask our customers in our health and lifestyle questionnaire. We know what type of exercise they take and with what frequency; we know what type of diet they eat from junk-food to paleo; we know what they drink and how often they drink it.

In this session we examine what we have learned, what role tracking and monitoring plays in motivating individuals to stick to lifestyle changes, and what is the future holds for people-powered health care.

Dr Sam Rodgers, Medical Director at Medichecks

Dr Daniel Grant, Reporting Doctor at Medichecks