Physiotherapy: Getting the inactive more active

Wednesday 9th May - 14:25-15:05

Mention the word ‘physiotherapy’ and most people will picture treatment for someone who has injured themselves while being active – but in fact, physiotherapists also have high levels of interaction with the least active in society. This can range from routine clinical contact to ongoing work among those with long-term conditions, and who therefore require more intensive physiotherapy support.

This session will consider the opportunities physiotherapists therefore have to encourage and support physical activity among the less active. Our expert panel will examine a range of in-practice case studies, providing an evidence base for the role of physiotherapists in increasing activity levels.

Anna Lowe, Physical Activity Clinical Champion at Public Health England

Day 1: 14:25-15:05 Active Nation

Anna is a Chartered Physiotherapist with a special interest in public health. She has been involved in several national projects that aim to increase the contribution of the allied health professions to public health priorities. She is currently completing her PhD on physical activity promotion at Sheffield Hallam University and is employed by Public Health England as a Physical Activity Clinical Champion for the allied health professions.

Embedding physical activity in healthcare

Anna Lowe, Physical Activity Clinical Champion at Public Health England

Physiotherapy-led physical activity intervention: Pulmonary hypertension

Carol Keen, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Pulmonary Hypertension at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Using Parkour to encourage activity in those with LCTs

Mary Tyrrell Place, Chartered Physiotherapist at Leeds Community NHS Trust