Getting the attention of the investment community

Wednesday 9th May - 13:10-13:50

With the total value of the physical activity and wellness market reaching £4.7bn (source: the Leisure Database State of the Fitness Industry Report 2017), it’s hardly surprising that we’re seeing more and more investors taking an interest in the sector.

But how do you go about securing some of that investment to drive growth and innovation in your own business?

In this session, we’ll explore how to make your business ripe for investment, examining what investors are looking for, how you can gain their faith and attract them to your business, how to pick the right investor for your needs, and how to do all this without losing control of your company.

We’ll also take a look at some of the different types of investment on offer, from private equity to IPOs to crowdfunding.

Brian Schuring, Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor, Founder at The Alchemist Group

Day 1: 13:10-13:50 Business

Brian Schuring is the founder and managing partner of The Alchemist Group and has nearly 20 years experience investing in high growth businesses and turnaround opportunities in the US, UK and Europe. After beginning his career advising troubled companies on restructuring transactions, Mr. Schuring joined Ares Management as an investment analyst. In nine years with the firm, he managed portfolios with over $2 billion of investments and helped lead the firm's entry into the European market in 2006. Since 2012, Mr. Schuring has managed personal investments in the health and wellness sectors including Heartcore Fitness, Blue Cow Yoga and Instabook. As a technophile early stage investor, he is passionate about using data and emerging technology to improve businesses he works with and the individual wellbeing of the clients they serve.

The investor's view

Tony Throp, Investment Director at Puma Investments

The entrepreneur's experience

Jan Spaticchia, Chairman and Chief Executive at The énergie Group