Keeping teens active

Wednesday 9th May - 13:15-14:05

Young people need to be active for at least 60 minutes a day to stay healthy and lower the risk of health problems later in life. But how can we encourage our teens to put down their tablets, phone and devices and get physically active?

This session will investigate effective ways to get teens moving – and keep them active as they get older – highlighting successful strategies and exploring common themes.

Graeme Hinde, Founder at LFX

Day 1: 13:15-14:05 Active Nation

Graeme Hinde is a respected project leader, people coach and strategic thinker.

In 2007 Graeme founded LFX, a networking platform which originally enabled operators based in the north of England and north Wales to meet and network on a regular basis.

The network now attracts managers and fitness professionals from over 40 organisations (approximately 300 leisure/fitness/sport sites) and has expanded into the Midlands and South West.

Prior to the creation of LFX, Graeme worked in senior roles in both the public and private sectors and was a member of the board of directors at the FIA/UK Active from 2007 until 2014.

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