Michael Mosley keynote presentation

Wednesday 9th May - 12:50-13:20

Dr Michael Mosley knows he should do more regular exercise. The problem is, he has neither the time nor the inclination.

It’s a scenario with which many of us – possibly even the majority of us – will identify. And for that reason alone this is an unmissable session, because Dr Mosley has good news to share from his recent investigations into what it really takes to get fit.

Is there a better option than 10,000 steps a day? What’s the best activity if we want to benefit our brain as well as our body? What can we do to help ourselves stick to our fitness plans?

In this keynote talk, Dr Mosley will answer these questions, and many more, unveiling what new science is showing us – and in particular, the ways in which we can keep fit and healthy without it taking up too much time.

Keynote presentation

Michael Mosley, science presenter, writer and executive producer at BBC