Exercise and cancer care

Wednesday 9th May - 12:30-13:10

Exercise and physical activity can help prevent certain forms of cancer, as outlined in our Keeping the UK’s top killers in check: cancer session (previous session). But that isn’t all. There’s also strong evidence that carefully tailored activities are likely to have a positive impact on cancer patients – those who are already doing battle with the disease.

It’s therefore very important that we build mechanisms into the cancer care pathway that support people in maintaining, or initiating, physical activity during and after treatment.

This session will examine the latest evidence supporting the value of exercise among patients – those living with, and beyond, cancer. We will look at how activity helps them manage the symptoms of the disease, as well as the side-effects of treatment, and how it can even help prevent relapse.

Using exercise for disease management – the latest evidence

Anna Campbell, Associate Professor in Clinical Exercise Science and Director at Edinburgh Napier University and CanRehab

Widening the case for physical activity and sport: embedding behaviour change into cancer care

Sarah Worbey, Head of Health at Sport England

Using behaviour change to support activity in cancer patients and survivors

Brett Nicholls, Chief Executive at Get Berkshire Active