Getting kids active at school

Wednesday 9th May - 12:05-12:45

There are currently 7 million children aged between five and 15 years in England – and nearly four out of five of those children are not doing the recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise.

This session will explore the potential impact of the Healthy Pupils Capital Funding Programme, and the government’s recent commitment to doubling the Sports Premium for every school.

We will also explore ways in which schools can motivate and engage all children to be active, following the success of initiatives such as the Daily Mile, and will examine the latest evidence for tackling sedentary behaviour in the classroom by introducing ‘active teaching’ principles.

Dean Horridge, Founder and CEO, Chair at Fit For Sport, ukactive Kids

Day 1: 12:05-12:45 Active Nation

Dean Horridge is CEO of Fit For Sport, the UK’s leaders in engaging and educating children through physical activity. He has, for over 25 years been working within education, health, leisure and sport. As head of PE in a primary school, Dean began Fit For Sport in 1991 initially as just weekend and holiday activity clubs for children. Since then the children’s activity providers have grown to employ over 700 staff, catering for over 250,000 children through schools services every year. Dean’s passion for promoting healthy and active lifestyles amongst children is clear for all to see, as such, he is also the current chair of ukactive’s children’s board.

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Dean Horridge, Founder and CEO, Chair at Fit For Sport, ukactive Kids

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Martine Verweij, Founding Chief Executive at Kids Run Free

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Dr Mike Loosemore at The Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health, University College London