Improving inclusivity: Driving participation among disabled people

Wednesday 9th May - 10:55-11:45

How often do you see disabled people using gyms and other physical activity services? Sadly, while there are pockets of best practice around the UK, disabled people remain almost twice as likely (43 per cent more likely) to be inactive as non-disabled people.

This is a situation that must be addressed as a matter of urgency; providing diverse and inclusive services is vital for social integration, as well as health and wellbeing, for the 11 million disabled people across the UK.

And if the moral argument isn’t enough in its own right, then the financial rationale should surely sway it, with the Purple Pound valued at an impressive £250bn.

But there are challenges and barriers to providing such services. This panel discussion will explore the successful delivery of inclusive interventions, examining the latest thinking around creating the right environments, adapting services, removing barriers, and developing engagement strategies to stimulate participation and enjoyment.

Huw Edwards, Public Affairs Director at ukactive

panellists include:

Professor Brett Smith, Head of Research School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at University of Birmingham

Adam Blaze, Strategic Lead Disability at Sport England

Andy Dalby-Welsh, Deputy Chief Executive at English Federation of Disability Sports

Lyndsey Barrett, Senior Occupational Therapist & Founder at Sport for Confidence