Rotators of the Hip

Thursday 9th May 13:00 - 14:25

The Rotator Cuff

Often confused in palpation as well as function, the rotator cuff will be explained and explored with treatment on and off the table. A number of soft tissue release techniques will be taught that allows assessment and treatment to blend into one another and you will learn how to functionally integrate the work for the rest of your clients’ shoulder complex.

Rotators of the Hip

Fully appreciating the arrangement of soft tissue around ball and socket joints can be difficult. By exploring the function of the muscles during gait we will get a better image of the progressions around the hip joint and how they cooperate to create a functional and sequenced support and control. A number of manual therapy approaches will be explored for the whole hip complex including how to functionally integrate and enhance the benefits.

Spinal Rotators

The multifidi are hidden deep in a deep groove and often considered to be more stabilisers than mobilisers because of their short lever arm to produce movement. In this workshop we will question some of the logic behind that thinking, learn to access and explore these mysterious tissues and work with them on the table and in standing.


James Earls, Bodyworker at Born to Walk