Acupuncture & the Management of Sports Injuries: Knee

Wednesday 8th May 11:00 - 11:45

Kevin has work extensively in sports medicine for 25 years, and, like many therapists, battled in the search to find successful ways to deal with sports & tendon injuries, whether acute, chronic or ruptured. He has spent many years treating them with various techniques derived from conventional physiotherapy.

Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture opened up new concepts and understanding of Sports Injury and tendon injuries for him. Using a fusion of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment principles, he now relishes every opportunity to bring to bear his combined skills in the treatment of Sports Injuries and tendinopathies.

In this presentation, Kevin will discuss current western and traditional acupuncture treatments of Sports & tendon injury, and the respective treatment principles and techniques. Kevin will discuss the use of acupuncture with Sports injuries. How he has used acupuncture as an extra tool for treating injuries within Rugby, Professional boxing and Mixed Martial Arts as well as many other sports. Discuss the recent relevant research for and against the use of acupuncture. We will explore and discuss different needling techniques and treatment principles used with various injuries.


Kevin Young, Chartered Physiotherapist & Traditional Acupuncturist at Health Professions Acupuncture Group (HePAG)