What are the opportunities presented by policy to increase physical activity in schools?

Wednesday 17th June 14:30 - 15:15

The New Chief Medical Officer’s Guidance on children’s physical activity levels were published in Autumn, and allow greater flexibility – recommending an average number of 60 daily minutes to be achieved across the week. However, while this guidance is being introduced 51,6000 hours of Physical Education teaching have been lost from the curriculum since 2010, and break times are being cut. With only 43% of children meeting the CMO guidance and 33% doing less than 30 minutes a day – action is needed.

Government and Sport England are supporting a range of initiatives designed to increase engagement in Physical Education, Physical activity and sport – from the Primary PE & Sport Premium to the School Games, the extension of This Girl Can to a youth audience, Sport England’s Secondary Teacher Training, and the School Sport & Physical Activity Action Plan.

All of these bring opportunity for schools, but are we really getting to the heart of the issues which will affect long term change? How can we help parents and school leaders understand the wider benefits of being active for mental health, social wellbeing and achievement in the classroom. If this were achieved, would drive demand, and as a result support the industry (the supply chain).

This session consider questions such as: how can the private sector complement and build capacity in the school system in a sustainable long term partnership rather than displacing or replacing teachers; how do we progress workforce development so teachers, coaches and activity instructors are better equipped; and what more could the private sector do to help support teacher wellbeing – as teachers remain some of the most influential role models in young people’s lives.


Will Roberts, Chief Operating Officer at Youth Sport Trust


Dan Wilson, Director of Development at Yorkshire Sport

Ben Levinson, Head Teacher at Kensington Primary School

Patrice Canavan OBE, Executive Head Teacher at Oaklands School and Raine's Foundation School

Genevieve Mitchell, Sport Policy, governance and delivery at Department for Culture Media and Sport