Do biomechanics matter?

Wednesday 17th June 13:30 - 14:15

Therapists and trainers were heartened to learn from emerging scientific evidence in the early 2000s that structural damage alone was not causing most musculoskeletal pain. This was pleasing because it gave hope for non-surgical treatments and for many, this was evidence that the way in which people move (generally termed ‘biomechanics') was more relevant than the condition of the structures. Others argue that the lessons should have gone further and that further research has indicated that the state of someone’s biomechanics is just as relevant or irrelevant to their pain as the structural damage. This panel will explore the complex but intriguing question ‘Do biomechanics matter?’ and if how this question is important to clinical practice.


Jack Chew, Managing Director at Chews Health Ltd


Ashley James, Clinical Lead of Occupational Health Physiotherapy Services at IPRS Group

Jo Gibson, Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist at Liverpool Upper Limb Unit

Dr Philip Graham-Smith, Head of Biomechanics and Innovation at Aspire Academy