Climate crisis: creating a fitter planet

Wednesday 17th June 15:30 - 16:15

The Attenborough effect appears to be at work – highlighting the damage plastic pollution is doing to our oceans, whilst the Government’s commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 – shows that changes to our lifestyles and business practices are required to avert climate catastrophe.

Customers are starting to understand the perils the planet is facing – and have increasing expectations for businesses to respond in the way products are made and disposed of, and how services are delivered.

Investors recognize that companies that build sustainability into their operations perform better financially, and consumers are willing to spend more with a sustainable brand.

The sport and physical activity sector have massive reach and the potential to positively influence behaviour – how can we create new markets for clean products and services, delivering reduced overheads and real brand benefits; and how can we transform businesses putting sustainability at the heart of what we do to minimize negative impacts and increase positive impacts?


Dr Russell Seymour, Chief Executive at BASIS


Michael Lloyd, Deputy Stadium Manager at Arsenal Football Club

Jade Boggust, Senior Development Manager at Corporate and Destinations, Engie

Adam Wagner, Marketing and Brand Director at 1Rebel