Are fitness professionals really at the heart of the growth of the sector?

Wednesday 17th June 11:45 - 12:30

Fitness professionals inspire, motivate, build communities, and create engaging experiences - helping our customers fall in love with exercise – whilst delivering on the core values of the business creating a loyal following of members.

Boutiques acknowledge the importance of fitness professionals, rewarding top performers with up to £100,000 a year. But with other parts of the industry facing budget cuts and tight margins – what is realistic in terms of pay and contractual structures? 

Pay is just one part of the challenge of creating a winning workforce - with the rise of at-home and tech-enabled fitness, how can operators and their teams continue to provide more than just gyms? How can the soft skills valued by members be developed to create loyalty?

And as inactivity and an ageing population continues to create a population scale public health crisis, what skills and professional development will instructors need to support public health professionals?

It is clear that the role of the fitness professional has never been more important to the continued growth of the sector – with companies who value their employees seeing the biggest returns. How can companies position themselves as best in class  -  to recruit, develop and retain the best of the best and attract a new generation of fitness professional? 


Elaine Briggs, Director of Education, Training and Innovation at Future Fit

Importance of skills and development pathways


Tara Dillon, Chief Executive at CIMSPA

Instructor's insight


Marcus Kingwell, Chief Executive at EMDUK

Operator's view


John Penny, Managing Director at Third Space

Supporting public health role of the industry


Dr Davina Deniszczyc, Medical Director - Primary Care at Nuffield Health