What do customers really want?

Wednesday 8th May 16:40 - 17:30

The UK’s health and fitness industry is booming – at the heart of this growth is the customer. To sustain and build on this success, industry must put the customer at the centre of its proposition.

Consumers today are more informed, empowered, have higher expectations and have greater choice than ever before.

Technology and data are improving the ways in which we communicate with, retain and acquire customers, and is helping us to better understand customers and to gather valuable feedback. Listening to smart, connected customers has never been more important or more possible.

In order to build a good relationship with customers – a good understanding of their purchasing motivations, habits and behaviours is required – so that services, products and communications can be truly personalised.

Bringing together senior thought leaders this session will focus on how customers want to be communicated with, and how they make buying decisions; what influences these buying decisions and behaviours – and changing expectations towards health and fitness; how this should influence the industry’s response in the way they sell and offer products and services; and how the sector can better use personalisation and localisation.

David Minton, Managing Director at Leisure DB

Conf - day 1 - What do customers really want?

David is a fitness industry entrepreneur with an international footprint and 30 years’ experience. He is founder and Director of the successful and unique Leisure Database Company which audits and reports on the industry. The company maintains its pre-eminence due to its data quality and innovative products including supply/demand model and social media fitness tracking service. On a board level, David is Chairman of Active in Time (AiT), a Tech City start up, developing sports apps including SwimIO (formerly Speedo Fit and Splashpath) for swimmers, now live in over 120 countries and is the first swim app to integrate swimming activity into Apple Health. AiT also provides APIs, live timetables, poster and voice tools for sports and fitness sites. David contributes actively to the industry as a writer and speaker and in 2006 became a Visiting Research Fellow at Research Institute for Sports Business, Waseda University, Tokyo and is UK Correspondent for Sasakawa Sports Foundation, Tokyo. David is a European Board Member of IHRSA.

Justin Musgrove, Chief Executive at Bannatyne Group

Jamie Ward, CEO and Founder at PayAsUGym