How do we solve the low back pain epidemic?

Thursday 9th May 13:10 - 14:00

There are 540 million people affected globally at any one time by back pain – and it is currently the largest reported reason for sickness absence in the UK – with a total of 1m years of productive life lost due to disability from low back pain, each year - with costs attributed to lower back pain in the UK are estimated at £12.3bn a year, with £1.6bn spent on treatment.

The cause of back pain may not always be obvious – and it is rarely just a structural or biomechanical issue –psychological, social and economic factors often play a part in this complex phenomena.

Pain changes lives – how can we give patients the ability to adapt and to self manage, in the face of social, physical and emotional challenges – to help them lead meaningful, high quality lives. How do we get sufferers back to their daily routines including exercise and work as soon as possible and therefore solve the low back pain epidemic?

Our leading panel will debate a variety of potential contributing factors, such as concepts of structural vulnerabilities of the spine, psychological dispositions, social determinants of health and will look to propose pragmatic solutions.


Jack Chew, Managing Director at Chews Health Ltd


Dr Jonathan Hill, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy at Keele University

John Doyle, Professional Head of Physiotherapy at Nuffield Health

Claire Horner, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner at Care UK