The changing shape of personal training: Is 'results-based fitness' outdated?

Thursday 9th May 15:55 - 16:30

We've traditionally thought of exercise as just a means to an end, whether that be improved body composition, better health markers or a faster 10k time. However with participation levels a constant challenge, the fitness landscape is shifting towards ‘fitness experiences’ rather than just results.

The increasing popularity of community-based experiences such as mud runs and group personal training highlights the draw of exercising with like-minded individuals and sharing fitness goals, and with technology becoming more prominent within the health and fitness space, we could see the concept of physical activity itself being redefined.

In this session we will look at how personal trainers can harness this increased emphasis on enjoying the fitness journey itself, and will consider how this alternative approach could break down the barriers to activity for the sedentary population.


Tom Knight, Chairman at fibodo


Paul Swainson, Research and Development Lead at Future Fit

Craig O'Toole, Head Honcho at ManAlive